Some comments about the SRN Conference at @uandes

Some of the participants have send us their comments about the SRN Conference in Chile. Here you will find the words of Steve Curran and Rafael Leal, and a beautiful answer of Ian W. Macdonald, Secretary of the Executive Council of the SRN, and founder of the Network.

Thank you, Steve, Rafael and Ian, for your encouragement.

The conference was excellent and very well organised. We all enjoyed it very much and it was really insightful to experience a different culture and how things are developing in South America. Most of us are signed up for the potential book project and this should bring some concrete literary results from the conference.

Steve Curran


I’ve been member of this group for some months and – here from Santiago, where has just ended the SRN Special Conference – I would like to introduce myself and share my impressions on this conference.
First and foremost, I congratulate Dr. Carmen Sofia Brenes and her team for the amazing event and warmful reception. It was the best scientific congress I ever been in my life. Great group, excellent speeches, high level intelectual exchange and colleagues from all over the world.
Other important thing I want to highlight is the fact I only could try a SRN Conference because it happened in Latin America. I wouldn’t go for the first time to a conference in Sweden or in New Zealand. After this experience, I really expect to join you in the next years’ conferences.
Although I have been a professional screenwriter (in film and television) for the last 10 years, I am in the beginning of my academic career, and my studies up to this moment are largely based on my own experience and creative process as a screenwriter.
In Brazil, there are no graduate programs on screenwriting, and therefore this high-profile international conferences are an unique opportunity for scientific collaboration with other writers, who face similar challenges despite of very different backgrounds and cultures.
Thank you very much for the opportunity and I hope we will have a longlasting and productive relationship.
Rafael Leal
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dear Rafael

It’s great to know of such a positive and warm reaction to the Santiago conference, and thanks for taking the trouble to circulate the rest of us on the Network. The SRN was set up specifically to link isolated scholars of screenwriting, and it’s very good to know it continues to do this. The SRN continues to expand, of course.

Our conferences have always been popular with those able to attend, and we’d love to know more about how best to keep people in touch. If anyone has views on this, please don’t hesitate to share them or forward them to Claus Tieber (Chair of SRN) or myself as Secretary.

For now, we should all congratulate Prof. Brenes for her tireless work in this field, and whose persistence and clear vision brought about the first (but hopefully not the last) conference in South America.  Well done Carmen! Brilliant job.

Our next conference is our Annual International Conference later this year, from 10th to 12th September 2015, in London.  Acceptances of papers have gone out from the organisers, led by Adam Ganz, and a website is shortly to be announced. Watch this email space!

Best wishes


Ian W. Macdonald, PhD, FHEA
School of Media and Communication
University of Leeds


Getting to Universidad de los Andes, Santiago-Chile

To get to Universidad de Los Andes, you have two options:

–     Metro + Bus (Transantiago): you can to travel by metro (Line 1 “Red Line”) to Los Dominicos Subway station and then take the micro C-02c or C02 to the university.

–      Metro + Taxi or Colectivo: you can travel by metro (Line 1 “Red Line”) to Los Dominicos Subway station and then pick up a taxi or colectivo (shared taxis) to the university.


Call for Chapters: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is an independent academic publishing house, with more than 4,500 titles across a range of subjects, with a particular focus on The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. They have expressed their interest in publishing the proceedings of our Transnational Screenwriting Conference in their “Film and Theater Studies Collection“.

If you are going to participate with a paper and are interested in publishing it as a chapter in this book, please send a mail to Carmen Sofia Brenes.

Call for Papers

Transnational Screenwriting: A Dialogue Between Scholars and Industry

Special International Screenwriting Research Network Conference 2015

May 7 – 9, 2015

School of Communication, Universidad de los Andes
Campus San Carlos de Apoquindo
Av. Mons. Alvaro del Portillo, 12.455, Las Condes
Santiago (Chile)

Spanish Version – Versión en español

Call for Papers

This is a call for papers for a Special Screenwriting Research Network (SRN) Conference, which will take place at the School of Communication, Universidad de los Andes (Chile).

The key theme of the conference is “Transnational Screenwriting”. The Conference understands screenwriting as the creative process from a story idea to its screen realization in film, television, gaming and other platforms; and transnational screenwriting as a multifaceted activity moving across cultural, geographical, linguistic and economic borders. Special attention will be given to the dialogue between writers and producers.

The SRN Conference is interested in all types of research related to screenwriting. The following are some of the questions we would like to examine:

-How can transnational screenwriting be described?

-How can writers and producers collaborate successfully in a transnational project?

-Can transnational screenwriting find a common denominator? And if so, where?

-How can the local flavor be preserved in a global context?

-What is gained and what is lost in the translation/adaptation process?

-Are there aspects, such as style and/or structure, involved in screenwriting that truly trascend boundaries and become common in a transnational context?

-What are the challenges faced by the partners in an international production?

-What are some key issues involving authorship and collaboration, reception and financing, in this kind of projects?

-What is the impact of the transmedia phenomenon in transnational screenwriting processes?

-How do specific national practices and policies regarding promotion, public and private funding, domestic and foreign quotas, and issues of censorship shape transnational projects?

-What are the approaches to examine the relationship between core story ideas and the transnational creative process?

Organizers are interested in fostering a fruitful dialogue between the screen practitioners (writers, producers, directors) and the scholars around the fascinating subject of transnational screenwriting.

Time allotted to each paper is 20 minutes plus discussion. Presentations can be held in English or Spanish.

Abstracts (250-300 words) may be submitted until November 15, 2014 (Last deadline: April 8, 2015) – in English or Spanish. Earlier submissions are welcome. Please remember to state your name, affiliation and contact information. Include a brief statement (100 words) detailing your publications and/or screenwriting practice. You also can add a link to your website, imdb or similar online presentation.

Please send your abstract as a word document, with the email subject heading “SRN Conference Abstract” to: Carmen Sofia Brenes,

Registration value:
USD 150. It includes lunch during the three days, coffee breaks, transport from the hotel (meeting point) to the university and back to the hotel and simultaneous interpretation during the morning sessions.

The SRN is a research group that began in 2006 with a 1-day conference at the Louis Le Prince Research Centre, at the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS), University of Leeds. The Screenwriting Research Network now consists of academics as well as practitioners interested in research centered on screenwriting studies. The network has achieved a critical mass in recent years with Annual Conferences taking place in Leeds (2008), Helsinki (2009), Copenhagen (2010), Brussels (2011), Sydney (2012), Madison, USA (2013) and Postdam, Germany (2014).

The SRN consists of scholars, writers, and practice-based researchers devoted to rethinking the screenplay in relation to its histories, theories, values and creative practices. The SRN launched a webpage for scholars and practitioners interested in this subject at

The Journal of Screenwriting, first published in 2009, stands as testament to the vitality of the screenwriting network across traditional and practice-based research. The Palgrave Studies in Screenwriting series grew out of this organization.

More information on the program as well as accommodation details will be on the blog as it becomes available.