Some comments about the SRN Conference at @uandes

Some of the participants have send us their comments about the SRN Conference in Chile. Here you will find the words of Steve Curran and Rafael Leal, and a beautiful answer of Ian W. Macdonald, Secretary of the Executive Council of the SRN, and founder of the Network.

Thank you, Steve, Rafael and Ian, for your encouragement.

The conference was excellent and very well organised. We all enjoyed it very much and it was really insightful to experience a different culture and how things are developing in South America. Most of us are signed up for the potential book project and this should bring some concrete literary results from the conference.

Steve Curran


I’ve been member of this group for some months and – here from Santiago, where has just ended the SRN Special Conference – I would like to introduce myself and share my impressions on this conference.
First and foremost, I congratulate Dr. Carmen Sofia Brenes and her team for the amazing event and warmful reception. It was the best scientific congress I ever been in my life. Great group, excellent speeches, high level intelectual exchange and colleagues from all over the world.
Other important thing I want to highlight is the fact I only could try a SRN Conference because it happened in Latin America. I wouldn’t go for the first time to a conference in Sweden or in New Zealand. After this experience, I really expect to join you in the next years’ conferences.
Although I have been a professional screenwriter (in film and television) for the last 10 years, I am in the beginning of my academic career, and my studies up to this moment are largely based on my own experience and creative process as a screenwriter.
In Brazil, there are no graduate programs on screenwriting, and therefore this high-profile international conferences are an unique opportunity for scientific collaboration with other writers, who face similar challenges despite of very different backgrounds and cultures.
Thank you very much for the opportunity and I hope we will have a longlasting and productive relationship.
Rafael Leal
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dear Rafael

It’s great to know of such a positive and warm reaction to the Santiago conference, and thanks for taking the trouble to circulate the rest of us on the Network. The SRN was set up specifically to link isolated scholars of screenwriting, and it’s very good to know it continues to do this. The SRN continues to expand, of course.

Our conferences have always been popular with those able to attend, and we’d love to know more about how best to keep people in touch. If anyone has views on this, please don’t hesitate to share them or forward them to Claus Tieber (Chair of SRN) or myself as Secretary.

For now, we should all congratulate Prof. Brenes for her tireless work in this field, and whose persistence and clear vision brought about the first (but hopefully not the last) conference in South America.  Well done Carmen! Brilliant job.

Our next conference is our Annual International Conference later this year, from 10th to 12th September 2015, in London.  Acceptances of papers have gone out from the organisers, led by Adam Ganz, and a website is shortly to be announced. Watch this email space!

Best wishes


Ian W. Macdonald, PhD, FHEA
School of Media and Communication
University of Leeds

3 thoughts on “Some comments about the SRN Conference at @uandes

  1. Dear Carmen, SRN members,
    Though belated, I want to express how valuable I found the conference in Chile. As with all smaller conferences (one of the reasons I love SRN!), it becomes much easier to connect with other attendees. I feel there was a warm bond created amongst the participants at the inaugural South American conference, and I really hope to go join another ‘regional’ conference in South America (or Asia, Africa.. – ?) again. It was also great to access information (and meet wonderful colleagues) from all parts of South America – not just Chile (though that was great too).
    Of course, Carmen’s warm welcoming style set the tone for friendship, and the smooth organisation helped us all to relax into the event.

    Of special interest to me, was the inclusion of topics which are related, but not necessarily thought of as core ‘screenwriting’: presentations such as that by Columbian researchers on the important role of different ‘mediators’ when seking to market transnational film and television productions (or productions you want to see become ‘transnational’.. ); a presentation on the use of animated documentary, where the production becomes a way for victims of torture and brutality on a widespread community scale to begin to recover from the trauma; and a presentation on writing scripts for audio adaptations which accompany films so that they can be enjoyed by those who are visually impaired… These presentations broadened out the context of screenwriting, and opened other dialogues which were insightful, interesting, and connected practitioners from diverse areas in a fantastic way.

    Taken overall, this can only be described as a most fantastic conference in all respects. My commendations to Carmen, her team, and Uandes for hosting us with such warmth and efficiency. This conference will remain one of my treasured memories, as well as having been professionally and personally important. And thank you to all the (new)SRN members for their friendship, growing out of this conference. I hope to see you at many more!
    Warm regards,


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